Fun facts

"Sublime", "pleasant", "introvert", "a spirits man ", "strong endurance", "a good sense of humour". This is the words when you ask the singers of Herning Boys Choir to describe their accompanist Kristian Marius Andersen, who they know for other things than nodes, hearing and improvisations:

  • "For a concert some time ago, there was an organ pipe that was stuck. It meant that the same tone shone through the whole set. But Kristian just improvised so that the tone was in all chords."
  • "Kristian loves engines, Chaplin, Monty Python and vintage cars"
  • "Kristian can improvise everywhere - also phenomena such as Brexit and Trump
  • "His favorite tones are g-mole and h-mole"
  • "He has also recorded wake-up music for the app Wakie Wakie"
  • "And then he has had a male comb"
  • "Kristian remembers all song numbers in the hymn book"
  • "And he can play both classic, jazz, pop, funk, gospel ..."
  • "If he doesn't play music, he drives his scooter or stands and kicks car tires"
  • "Kristian must always have a cup of organic coffee - it helps on everything".